Staying Strong and Centered Through Change

Change is both a challenge and an opportunity. If we are afraid of change, then we can become rigid and lose our momentum. But if we embrace change as an opportunity, by staying strong and centered in our core values, then new and amazing things will happen. Change is our friend.

Things are changing at the Unitarian Church of Sharon. After a seven year ministry, I will be retiring at the end of May. An interim minister will arrive after that and in time a new settled minister. We are also exploring how to renovate our beloved Meetinghouse sanctuary. We continue to have new members joining, bring us all new energy. And our nation is changing in unsettling ways. Core values that we cherish are being challenged.

In times of change, it is more important than ever to stay strong and centered in our core values: love, truth, the scientific method for naming facts, service to others, living in harmony with the earth, universal human dignity, celebrating difference and diversity, defending the rights of marginalized groups in society, justice, compassion. The Unitarian Church of Sharon is here to help you stay strong and centered in these values, so we can live them and defend them in a challenging and changing world.