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Conversations at the Meetinghouse

Free and Open to the Public

Friday, February 2, 2018 7 pm – HOW CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?

Exercises in listening to one another when many don’t

Rumni Saha, Ray Wallace, Laurie Wallace, Jenna Koines, Andrew Plumridge

We’re living in a time of increasing polarization when people are less willing to engaged in difficult conversations.  These five members of the Unitarian Church of Sharon have a goal of helping people come to a place where they are open to a different point of view and are ready to put in the mental and emotional work to understand the other.

Please join them for a fun, informative and engaging evening.

Conversations at the Meetinghouse is a monthly program held on the first Friday of each month (October to June) at 7 pm where members of the community share their expertise and experience about important issues of the day.