Conversations at the Meetinghouse

                                  Conversations at the Meetinghouse

                                      Friday, November 2, 2018 at 7PM

                                         Unitarian Church of Sharon

                                            4 North Main Street

                                                  Sharon, MA

                                               Free to the Public 

                Nones – People Who Don’t Belong to a Religion

A Discussion of possibly the least respected people in the     country, or maybe the world

                                                Jim Mullin

In 2015, the Pew Research Center published data saying that about one in four US adults were not interested in religion and did not belong to one.  When examined by age, the numbers increased among the younger people.  Mr. Mullin will help examine that data, discuss what a religion is, and discuss what the people without religion, the “Nones”, do believe.  Popularity and Civil Rights issues with non-believers will be discussed since Atheists and Agnostics are a significant, but not majority, segment of the Nones.

Conversations at the Meetinghouse is a monthly program held on the first Friday of each month (October to June) at 7PM where members of the community share their expertise and experience about important issues of the day.