During most of the year, our Sunday morning worship service schedule includes a 10 a.m. service for families (children and adults) and a 10:30 a.m. service for adults (while children attend religious education classes). The service and the religious education classes both end at 11:30 a.m. and are followed by a time of refreshment and fellowship.

The summer schedule begins on June 24th with one service for all at 10:15

Summer services will be held at 10:15am. Each service will include a time of congregational sharing. Mel Springer will be providing service music. A time of fellowship will follow each service. Please note childcare is NOT provided.  

Date  Topic  Speakers  Worship Coordinator 
June 24  Church, State, and Eleanor  John O’Connor   Meg Dussault 
July 1  Music  Chuck Bordman and Glenn Rivard     Beth Hoke 
July 8  Trees  Tom D’Avanzo  Tom D’Avanzo 
July 15  Personal Heroes  Karen Zelevinsky and Allessandria Polizzi  Jean Fox 
July 22  Everyday Heroes in Community  Beth Hoke and Brenda Wilbur  Beth Hoke 
July 29  Sources of Inspiration  Laurie Wallace and Teresa Tapper  Laurie Wallace 
August 5  Nature  Sue Mooney and Rick Ripley  Brad Larson 
August 12  Bach  Bernie Greenberg  Jean Fox 
August 19  Nature and Education  Lucia Cheney and Mare Parker O’Toole  Tom D’Avanzo 
August 26  The Spirituality of Laughter  Bill Hamaker and Linda Hamaker  Beth Hoke 
September 2  Beethoven  Mel Springer  Brad Larson