Children and Youth


Welcome to the Religious Education program of the Unitarian Church of Sharon (UCS).  We trust that you will find a comfortable community here in which your child’s spirit can grow.

We recognize that parents are the primary religious educators for their children. The Religious Education (RE) program of the Unitarian Church of Sharon aims to support parents and families in this effort.

Our vision is to create a community:

  • where our young members are full participants
  • which fosters respect, acceptance, carefully considered values, ethical thought, and action
  • which is safe, fun, and comfortable
  • which supports self-awareness and builds capacity for relationship in a complex world

The entire congregation provides the underlying curriculum of the RE program. Our actions speak louder than our words; our interactions and relationships teach children what we truly value.
-We encourage children and youth to participate in worship each Sunday and we respect their contributions.
-We offer children and youth a “larger family” of congregation members who know them and care for them, both in church on Sunday mornings, as well as throughout the rest of the week.


Most Sundays, there is an interactive, 10 am Family Service when parents and children are supported in exploring big topics and asking big questions as we simultaneously explore Unitarian Universalist values. Be sure to check the Services page for the latest worship schedules.  Some Sundays we gather for intergenerational services at 10:30 and other Sundays we may even be off-site!  The family services are attended mostly by families with elementary-aged children, though middle school-aged youth occasionally attend and report satisfaction. 

Following the family service, and concurrent with the regular 10:30 service, children spend an hour in one of our religious education spaces, depending on their ages and interests. 


Visitors to our Sunday morning program are welcome!  If you are able to arrive by 9:45 am and look for our Interim Religious Education Director, Christine Bulman, she will orient you to the flow of our morning and may ask you to fill out a visitor form so that necessary information about your child is in the hands of our religious education facilitators. 

What are your goals for your child’s religious education?  We encourage you to share your questions and concerns with Christine Bulman, our Interim Director of Religious Education (DRE)


Registering your children and youth helps to ensure that our religious education volunteers have all of the information that is needed in order to provide a safe and supportive experience. Registration helps us plan ahead and fund the religious education budget through a registration fee. Scholarships are available confidentially through the Minister or Director of Religious Education (DRE).

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