Preschool and Elementary Children

Sunday Classes:

With few exceptions, children at the Unitarian Church of Sharon begin Sunday mornings in the sanctuary with their families to share in the opening words, chalice lighting, joys and concerns, a hymn, and the exploration of the morning’s story.  At 10:25 am the family worship service ends and the children and teachers head to their classrooms.  Classes meet from 10:30 to 11:30 am. Parents pick their children up from the classroom at the close of worship. If worship continues past 11:35, teachers escort children back to the sanctuary to reunite with their parents.

Preschool-Kindergarten Curriculum (click here)

Grades 1-2 Curriculum (click here)

Grades 3-4 Curriculum (click here)

Special Programming for Children:

Revels – our winter holiday celebration.  During Revels, children reflect on the meaning of the dark time of the year.  They spend several weeks exploring traditions and spiritual practices of many cultures and religions throughout the world, and then share these experiences by leading worship for the whole community on the second or third Sunday in December.  Revels 2018 will be held on December 9th.

Religious Education Sunday – a worship service led by children and youth. In the weeks before RE Sunday, children and youth reflect on what they’ve learned and as a group develop an experience to share with the congregation a few gems of wisdom from this year’s religious journey.  Prepare for some insightful surprises. RE Sunday 2019 will be held on April 7th.

Our Whole Lives (OWL) – is a comprehensive lifespan sexuality education program developed by the Unitarian Universalist Association.    OWL for grades 1-2 is intended to foster the development of a lifelong conversation between parent and child about values, decision-making, sexuality, and ethics.  Weekly take-home activities for parent and child promote the extension of the conversation begun at church. OWL 1-2 is a celebration of bodies, birth, babies, and families.  This 8-session program will next be offered from January through March 2020.  More information about OWL

Children’s Choir

Social Events for Children and Families:

Mainspring House Lunch Makers –  usually the 2nd Sunday of the month during coffee hour. Read more.

Multigenerational Movie Night. Read more.

Bean Supper – in September.  Read more.

Pancake/Waffle Breakfast – on a Sunday morning in the winter.  Read more.

Easter Can Hunt – during coffee hour.  Read more.

Rainbow Sunday – on a Sunday in June during coffee hour. Read more.

Father’s Day Picnic – on Father’s Day in lieu of coffee hour. Read more.