More About the RE Program


Louise Marcoux is our Director of Religious Education.  She co-leads worship, develops curriculum, plans, trains and supports volunteers, and supervises the RE Staff Team.  She is at church on Sunday morning to listen, answer questions, and support the volunteers who make the religious education program happen.

Katie Byron, our Youth Coordinator, coordinates all aspects of the Senior Youth Group, Junior Youth Fellowship Group, and the Youth Service Learning Trip.  They are at church on Sunday evenings for Senior Youth Group.


Our teachers are caring volunteers: some have many years of experience in this ministry of religious education, others are relative newcomers just embarking on this journey. Most teachers commit to 6-12 Sundays of religious education over the course of the year – as part of a rotating team of 7-10 volunteers. This year-long teaching commitment provides adequate continuity for the children and fosters communication among team members and with families. Participants in this ministry of religious education are also able to balance this experience with participation in adult worship throughout the year.

How Do You Become an RE Teacher? (click here)

Religious Education Committee

The RE Committee is responsible for maintaining the RE program. This dedicated group of volunteers meets monthly to ensure happy, productive experiences for our children youth, teachers, and parents. The RE Committee works in cooperation with our Director of Religious Education(DRE), Youth Coordinator, and the Minister.

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Information regarding the Religious Education program can be found in the monthly newsletter, the weekly order of service, or on the RE bulletin board in the vestry. In addition, the DRE and RE Assistant may send e-mails throughout the church year to inform parents about specific classroom events or topics. We encourage parents to introduce themselves to the teaching team and/or the Director of Religious Education to share your email address as well as any questions or concerns.


We use curricula developed by the Unitarian Universalist Association and other UU religious professionals.  The major themes are depicted above. Please feel free to bring questions, comments, or concerns to the DRE, any member of the RE Committee, or classroom teachers.

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