Coming of Age

Coming of Age is a journey into deeper self-awareness for 8th and 9th graders.  Each month the group explores a different question:

  • What is happiness to me?
  • How does love behave?  
  • How do I know something is true?  
  • What spiritual practices keep me grounded?  
  • How do I discern right from wrong?  
  • Who among my Unitarian Universalist forebears inspires me?   
  • What is social justice — and what can I do about injustice?  
  • What do I believe?

Through group games, exercises, journaling, art, small group ministry, and 1:1 conversations with mentors, youth have the opportunity to explore what matters to them and develop a statement of belief, a credo.

Nuts and bolts:

In April of the OWL year, potential participants and their parents attend an orientation to Coming of Age.  At this meeting, youth nominate adults to serve as their mentor. The DRE recruits mentors based upon these nominations.

October – May:  Two meetings each month:  with the minister and the DRE; with mentors.

In mid-May, the congregation celebrates Coming of Age in a worship service in which each youth shares their credo with the congregation.