Youth Coordinator

Meet our Youth Coordinator, Katie Byron (pronouns: they/them/theirs).  Katie is a graduate student at Boston University in Theology (2021), social worker, and candidate for the UU ministry. Katie is working toward a career in hospital chaplaincy as a UU Community Minister. In their spare time, they enjoy reading as well as doing embroidery, watercolors, and yoga. They live in Boston with their two cats, Turnip and Truffle.

Katie began serving as Youth Coordinator in September of 2019 and is passionate about learning from and with UU youth. They bring deep respect for young people and excitement working with them, a deep love of Unitarian Universalism, and well-developed group work skills.  They look forward to continuing to provide creative ways for our youth to be together and support one another in our changing world.

To contact Katie, you can email them at: