Youth Coordinator

Meet our new Youth Coordinator (YC):  Chelsea Gould


The RE Committee is thrilled to introduce our new Youth Coordinator, Chelsea Gould.  Chelsea is a nurse practitioner with a background in science education.  She has worked with youth and young adults for close to a decade as a high school teacher and education program coordinator in various settings, including a zoo.

Members of Chelsea’s family introduced her to Unitarian Universalism as an adult.  The values of inclusiveness, commitment to social justice, and encouragement of thoughtful exploration of theology and spirituality have particular resonance with her. Don’t be surprised if she looks familiar; she has been attending services at our church for nearly a year.

Chelsea lives in Sharon with her partner Dylan, toddler Wyeth, and three cats. She loves coffee, reading, gardening, and discovering new podcasts. She is honored to be entrusted with the responsibility of support and leadership for our senior youth, and she is very excited to see what projects the group chooses to focus their energy on!

To contact Chelsea, you can email her at: