Our Vision for Religious Education

The Religious Education program of the Unitarian Church of Sharon is dedicated to encouraging spiritual growth and developing the religious identity of the children and youth of the Unitarian Church of Sharon according to commonly held values and principles of our liberal religious community.

We do this by:

  • teaching children Unitarian Universalist principles, values, and beliefs through Sunday morning classes and worship services, and extracurricular activities;
  • developing an appreciation and understanding of our Christian and Jewish backgrounds and other world religions;
  • conducting rituals and worship experiences which include children as co-creators and participants;
  • providing a wide array of learning experiences that stretch beyond the bounds of the curriculum and classroom;
  • creating an environment of authenticity, openness, tolerance, respect, and curiosity;
  • promoting an expansion and diversity in membership and a diversity of ideas and beliefs;
  • encouraging a child’s search for truth and meaning;
  • giving youth the courage and tools to shape their community and world according to their own beliefs;
  • striving to keep youth connected to the church as they grow older;
  • recognizing that parents are a child’s primary religious educator and giving parents the tools and opportunities to further a child’s religious education outside of church;
  • nurturing and supporting volunteers in their religious journeys as they participate in the broader ministry of religious education;
  • providing opportunities for intergenerational activities and learning.

Adopted by the Religious Education Committee, March 2007