Senior Youth (Ninth -Twelfth Grade)


Senior Youth Group (SYG) is our youth empowerment, leadership skill building, open and safe space for older youth to connect with each other, the congregation, and our larger communities. Logistical support and program coordination is provided by our Youth Coordinator, Katie Byron, and a team of volunteer adult advisors.

SYG is structured with weekly meetings on Sundays from 5-7pm and is open to all 9th-12th grade youth including friends and youth outside of the church congregation. Regular meetings are a time and space during the week set aside to bond with peers, share joys and concerns, play games, and plan events and projects. Activities and program elements are selected by youth and have traditionally focused on service projects, social justice, fun and fellowship.

Youth CONventions

Senior youth in grades 9-12 are eligible to participate in local Youth Conventions, known as CONs. These are regional get togethers of UU youth from surrounding congregations and are weekend overnight events at a hosting church.

Youth Service Trip

Every three years Senior Youth select a project for a group Youth Service Trip, generally choosing an organization providing support to an underserved population either in the United States or abroad. Past projects have included trips to urban and rural Nicaragua. 

Coming of Age (Grades 8-9)

The second year of our core youth programs, Coming of Age offers youth the opportunity to dig deep into their own personal belief system with the support of peers and adult mentors.  Coming of Age will be offered in 2019-2020.