Social Justice Updates

SEPTEMBER 27, 2020
Sign of the Times: A Discussion in Support of Black Lives
Please make room in your calendar for an important online congregational conversation on the topic of Racial Justice. One week after Rev. Jolie preaches on the topic (“Signing Up for This” on Sunday 20 September), we will gather for a chance to reflect on what the new Black Lives Matter banner means for us, and to explore ways that we can work together to deconstruct institutional racism in our culture. Following the Sunday service and Coffee Hour chat on the 27th, gathering at 1pm after a break for lunch. Please come with an open mind and an open heart. 
Future Opportunities for Racial Justice Engagement
  • SPN Sponsored Discussion – Krista Tippet On Being– Conversation with Robin Di’Angelo and Resmaa Menakem:  Thursday, 10/22 from 10:30am-noon   AND Tuesday, 10/27 from 7-8:30pm
  • SPN Sponsored Discussion – You Tube: Verna Myers – How to Overcome Our Biases: Friday, 9/25 from 10:30am-noon   AND   Tuesday, 10/13 from 7-8:30pm
  • Session 1 of Transgender Inclusion in Congregations
    • The SJC is currently planning a group viewing session to revisit this important and informative workshop – details soon
  • Watching/Discussing a you tube video
    • We will provide a few options soon
  • Spotlight on Environmental Justice – webinar on 15 October, 7:30pm   (Sponsored by Sustainable Sharon, Sharon Racial Equity Alliance (SREA), and Temple Sinai).                                                                             Do you know why people of color in the North East are living with 66% more air pollution? Did you know that immigrants are disproportionately affected by climate change? Are you unsettled by the racial disparities in COVID-19? Join us for a Q&A with 4 Massachusetts-based experts on environmental justice. Learn and participate in a conversation about what it is, why it’s so important, and what we can do together to stop environmental injustices. Register here:
  • How to be an AntiRacist by Ibram X. Kendhi– book discussion group
    • If there is interest, we will be offering an opportunity to join a group discussion of this pivotal work 



Masks & Face Shields for Brockton Families

Brockton Masks.jpg

Thank you, all, for your wonderful work in making so many masks, and Carter Chamberlain, thank you for purchasing the materials, providing the patterns, making the instructional video, lending sewing machines, coordinating the cutting to the full assembly and for supporting and encouraging each volunteer. Thank you, also, for designing and producing the face shields. A very special thank you to Rev. Jim Robinson for contributing $500 for the extra boxed masks for Brockton children. I am truly blessed to work with all of you. Some of you have been making masks for months. Welcome to those of you who are just starting. We lift each other up with this work, and we help protect the children of Brockton with the outcome of your work, beautiful children’s masks. Barbers, crossing guards, store clerks, small shop attendants, hair dressers and so many others are using the face shields to keep themselves safe. Thank you, thank you, all!

Elizabeth Siftar

Grocery Card Donations to Local Food Pantries
Since April the SJC has collected over $19,000 to support the 5 local food pantries in our neighborhoods. Here is what the director of the Sharon/Stoughton Food Pantry wrote after our most recent donation:
Thank you for the extremely generous donation of grocery store gift cards to the Ilse Marks Food Pantry. This amazing contribution will help us to feed our clients in need during these difficult times. We are grateful for the support from you congregation. It is heartwarming to know that you have our back. With you we are able to make a positive difference in many lives. Thank you again for always thinking of us.
The need continues, and any donations, of either funds that we turn into grocery cards, or canned and staple food items dropped off in our new, 24/7 outdoor collection box near the front entrance to the church, will be gratefully received.