Guzheng Solo #1

February 14, 2016
The music of soloist Shin-Yi Yang playing the traditional Chinese instrument, the guzheng.

Coming to America

February 14, 2016
We will hear two stories about immigrating from China to America. Lilly Zhou, UCS member, will share her experience and Jim Robinson will speak about a Chinese-American friend. We will…
We will not discuss specific candidates! We will remind ourselves of the justice values that all UUs try to live by and make decisions by. We will also touch base with the…

The Parables of Jesus

January 31, 2016
Jesus taught through story telling. We will explore some of his parables in search of good advice for living in the modern world.
Our worship leaders today are Adrienne Williams and Janet Walkden. Adrienne and Janet are members of the Middleboro UU Church and friends of UCS. Adrienne is Director of Community Based Services at the…

Sexuality and Ethics

January 10, 2016
This service is about applying our Unitarian Universalist values, both spiritual and ethical, to the theme of human sexuality. Reverend Jim Robinson discusses the role of ethics in relation to sexuality. Ellen…

Celebrating Islam

January 3, 2016
We welcome to the pulpit today Karin Firoza and Sajid Saraf of our community and of the Sharon Mosque (Islamic Center of New England). Given the recent suggestions that Muslim…