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Dear Friends,

Raise your hand if you’re watching / scrolling through more news than ever? Raise your hand if you’ve sworn off news until after November 3? Raise your hand if you never watch the news, thank you very much? However we engage with the media coverage around this tense and COVID-impacted election season, November 3 approacheth. I am inspired to know that our fellow UU’s around the country, including I’m sure from our own UCS community, have been putting our belief in democracy into action, for instance, by helping protect voting rights in areas impacted by voter suppression and organizing around issues that our UU principles call us to care about. To learn more visit We will host a special evening worship service on October 16 from 7 to 8 PM with elements from the UU the Vote team, including a homily from our UUA President, Susan Frederick-Gray.

I have posted this elsewhere, and so even at the risk of repeating myself, I want to know something. Are you looking for a Connection Circle? Some of our Connection Circles are still ongoing, and may be accepting new members at this time. Given enough renewed interest, we could create new ones. Connection Circles are simply members and friends of our congregation who keep in touch on virtual platforms, through small social-distance gatherings, or through individual check-ins. The groups were started in the beginning of the pandemic to create more opportunities to participate in virtual church. The groups have facilitators who help everyone stay in touch and plan meetings. Please contact me if you wish to join a Connection Circle, or if your Circle never got off the ground and you want to try a new one.

At the excellent suggestion of our Interim DRE Christine Bulman, I wrote a special prayer this week. Christine is putting printed copies of “A Blessing For While We Are Apart” into our RE Families’ Chalice Home care packages. But since this blessing is for all of us, I offer it here as well:

Since I cannot hold your hand right now,

I hold my love for you in my heart.

Since I cannot sing next to you in the pew right now, 

I sing to you in front of my computer screen and I hope you can tell I’m singing LOUD.

Since we cannot all be together in person right now, 

we keep coming together online, and on the phone, and from a distance with our masks on, 

and we know we are still connected.

May our loneliness be eased by the knowledge that we are all in this together.

May our frustrations be eased by a good joke, a sunny day, a welcome surprise.

May our fears be eased by returning to the breath, the steady breath, the constant breath.

May our church community and the love that some call God continue to hold us and bless us all, even now, especially now, while we are apart.

Amen and blessed be.

With all my love,

Rev. Jolie

p.s. Next month, you and your beloved animal companions can look forward to a virtual animal blessing service! And we will observe our annual All Souls worship service on Nov 1.

Small Group Ministry Discussion

Sunday, Oct 18th 7 – 8 pm 

In the Virtual Library:

Topic: Deep listening for mindfulness and stress management. 

RSVP to or 781 784 3652

Drop In! Zoom Chats with Rev. Jolie, Thursdays 10 AM

I will open up my “Virtual Minister’s Study” every Thursday at 10 AM as I have been doing lately. We will chat about whatever’s on our hearts and minds, and time permitting, we can share reflections on a discussion prompt. Drop in and say hi.

In faith and love,
Rev. Jolie