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It is with a mixture of sadness and joy that we are saying goodbye to our Congregational Administrator, Linda Cveckova. The sadness we may be feeling is because it is hard to lose such a beloved and essential member of our community. Linda, your warmth and generosity of spirit has always shined through. You excelled at your job – that would have been enough! – but you also always understood that our church is like a family, and we are here to love and support each other in our life journeys. So thank you for being a part of that. And at the same time, we may feel some joy for Linda, who will be in her homeland of Slovakia with her husband Juraj and their three kids for a whole year, immersed in their home culture and surrounded by extended family. Three cheers for Linda! We hope everyone joins us at the (weather-dependent) outdoor service on June 20, as Linda will attend the service that day and say goodbye to people in person, on our church grounds.

As you know, I am planning a four-month parental leave which will start at the end of July, when my baby is due. I will be on leave from July 25 (or so – we’ll see what happens!) until the end of November, and will return to my role on December 1. We have contracted with Rev. Tricia Brennan, a former interim minister here at UCS, to provide part-time ministerial coverage for this leave. She will begin in August, working limited hours. During August she’ll focus on getting oriented, meeting with lay leaders and staff, and planning. Beginning September 5, she will work 20 hours per week. Her duties will consist of: leading worship two to three times per month (depending on if it’s a four-Sunday or five Sunday month), supervising and supporting staff, advising our Board of Trustees, advising and supporting lay leaders, and pastoral care as needed. Her role will be limited as compared to the role I have as your solo minister. That said, her kind and spiritual presence, her decades of experience in UU churches, and her ministerial leadership and guidance, will be an enormous support to the congregation during the four months that I am focused on my family. It helps me prepare for my leave to know that this congregation will be in such good hands.

I wanted to add my heartfelt thanks to our Stewardship Committee for leading an enormously successful 2021 Stewardship Campaign. And to everyone who pledged, thank you for your generosity. We are rounding out budget season, planning for our next church year and preparing for our Annual Meeting. It is a testament to the strength of this community that our BOT will be able to come before the congregation at the Annual Meeting with a budget proposal for next year that reflects our vision and values as well as your collective commitment to support this church.

Yours in faith,
Rev. Jolie

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