Welcome to our community!            Visitors to the Unitarian Church of Sharon

If you are new, take time to get to know us and what we are all about. Many of us have grown up in other faiths and have found comfort in the feeling of warmth, safety and openness our congregation offers. Some have always known Unitarian Universalism and its culture of free expression and differing points of view.

We are proud that the Unitarian Church of Sharon is now recognized as a Welcoming Congregation by the Unitarian Universalist Association, creating greater awareness of issues affecting the lesbian, gay,  bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) community and a welcoming attitude toward members of the LGBTQ+ community who visit or join the church.

The church is also fully accessible to people with physical disabilities, with an elevator available at the new entrance on the side of the church.

Coffee hour after serviceAs you will notice on the home page, services are Sundays at 10:00 a.m. for families and 10:30am for adults (while children attended religious education programming). These services are held weekly at the Meetinghouse, 4 North Main St., Sharon. There is parking beside the church, at the bank across Route 27, to the left of the church,  or on the street.

When you enter the church you will probably be met by a greeter. These greeters are on the Membership Committee and are more than happy to answer any questions you have about the church, our beliefs, the Religious Education program (Sunday School), upcoming events, or anything else you are curious about. You may also speak to our minister at any time. You may come as a visitor as long as you are comfortable. Later you may choose to become a Friend of the church or a full-fledged Member.

Membership in the Unitarian Church of Sharon is open to anyone who agrees with our principles and purpose as a Unitarian Universalist congregation, and informs the Membership Committee of his or her intention to join.

Covenant of the Unitarian Church of Sharon, MA

Learning about Unitarian Universalism

We encourage you to learn about Unitarian Universalism in any of several ways:

  • By becoming acquainted with our members at coffee hour after service and other fellowship events, such as those listed in the right-hand column of our home page.
  • By reading The Chalice, our monthly newsletter. You can download the latest issue of The Chalice here.
  • By inquiring of a Membership Committee member how and when you can participate in our “Introduction to Unitarian Universalism” and other informational classes.
  • By visiting our library or online sites to read about Unitarian Universalism.

We also encourage you to regularly attend Sunday services (in whatever way is manageable for you and your family); to become involved in congregational activities that provide service to the church or the larger community; and to participate in a fellowship or educational event. Only members are eligible to vote at official church business meetings, held annually and perhaps one or two other times throughout the year.

Directions: The Unitarian Church of Sharon is located at 4 N. Main St. (at the corner of Main St. and Depot St.) in Sharon. Get detailed directions and view a map.

E-Mail Lists: Sign up for our two e-mail lists through which members and friends can receive announcements of church events and activities.

Membership: Find out how to become a member of the church and discover what being a Unitarian Universalist is all about.

Newsletter: Download past issues of The Chalice, the monthly newsletter of the Unitarian Church of Sharon and a primary means of communication among church members.