The Long View

January 22, 2023
We live in a time of deep economic inequality and political polarization. How can our faith and moral convictions help us navigate this time, as individuals and as a society?

The Call of Nonviolence

January 15, 2023
The Sharon Interfaith Clergy Association (which Rev. Jolie is a member of) is declaring January 2023 to be Nonviolence Awareness Month in Sharon, in honor of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther…

Going In Circles

January 8, 2023
We’ve made another trip around the sun. We live in a very progress-focused society, yet our lives also consist of cycles that can make us feel like we’re back where…

Christmas Eve Homily

December 24, 2022

Blue Christmas

December 11, 2022
Today’s service makes some space for the sadness we may feel during the holidays. Social scientists and healthcare practitioners talk about an “epidemic of loneliness” in our society, and those…

Eternity Utters a Day

December 4, 2022
Today’s sermon title is taken from the great Jewish scholar Abraham Joshua Heschel and his writings on Sabbath. Our service will consider his reflections on time, and the importance of…

Gratitude Chalice Circle

November 27, 2022
On this Sunday after Thanksgiving, we will reflect and share on the theme of gratitude in an interactive format we call a “chalice circle.” UCS Member Val Vigoda will lead…
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