Us UU’s value our freedom as individual thinkers and believers. And yet we know that we must not only think of ourselves but also of the interdependent whole
This service focuses upon shifting our mindset from one where we are apart from the living earth to one where we are a part of the living earth.

Constant Liberation

April 12, 2020
This is an important week for our Jewish friends and our Christian friends. Today is Easter, the culmination of Holy Week in Christianity, and Passover is April 8-16. There are…
Our Unitarian Universalist Association writes, “the concept of ‘credo,’ usually thought of as a statement of individual belief, can be traced etymologically to the notion of ‘that to which I…

Making Good Mistakes

March 1, 2020
Philosopher and cognitive scientist Daniel C Dennett wrote, “Instead of turning away in denial when you make a mistake, you should become a connoisseur of your own mistakes, turning them…

Generations of Resilience

February 23, 2020
Black Freedom organizer from the Civil Rights era Ella Baker said, “We who believe in freedom cannot rest until it comes.” Rev. Jolie will lead worship today on the renewal…

Creating Justice

February 16, 2020
How do we create justice? At UU Mass Action we center the leadership of those who are directly impacted by injustice and work within coalitions to build the power needed…
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