Feast For the Spirit 

November 19, 2023

Sticks and Stones

November 5, 2023
Brad gave this talk several years ago (March 26, 2017) and there have been requests for it to be posted here.

Pause and Breathe

November 5, 2023
This has been quite a week in the life our congregation. Rev. Jolie will lead our service today which will respond to this moment in our hearts, in our congregation,…

All Souls

October 29, 2023
Join us for our traditional service in honor of All Souls Day.

Service is Our Prayer

October 22, 2023
Each week we say “service is our prayer” as part of the words of our covenant. Today, we will delve deeper into what that means, both in terms of what…
This week we have watched with fear and grief as the war in Israel and Palestine escalates. How do we hold onto our humanity, and the humanity of all those…
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