Conversations at the Meetinghouse

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How to Intentionally Connect to Nature in Your Daily Life
Shawn Moriarty, Education Coordinator
Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary for 11 Years

The talk will look at 10 ways that people can weave intentional connection to
nature into their daily life. These will be simple activities that people can do with
no special tools can be done as an individual, family, or meeting group. And
these activities will also focus on creating connection to our own local place.
Shawn Moriarty has worked in summer camps and outdoor education centers for
35 years. Shawn, a resident of Sharon, is the education coordinator and camp
director at Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary.

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Conversations at the Meetinghouse is a monthly pro-gram held the first Friday of each month (October to June) at 7pm where members of the community share their expertise and experience about important issues of the day