Conversations at the Meetinghouse




                     CONVERSATIONS AT THE MEETINGHOUSE                                                         

                                Friday, May 3, 2019

                            Unitarian Church of Sharon

                                4 N.Main Street, Sharon

                                     Free to the Public

                          “Why We Need a Garden Revolution!”

                                  Ellen Schoenfeld-Beeks


Beautiful historic gardens inspired us in the past.  What inspires us today? And what does it mean for our backyards and our sense of self? Gardening teaches us to notice, to be patient but the biggest lessons come when we embrace a new reason to care about what we plant and how we maintain our gardens.

Elle Schoenfeld-Beeks, a member of the Unitarian Church of Sharon, maintains an extensive garden at her home and also oversees the plantings and Memorial Garden at the church.

Conversations at the Meetinghouse is a monthly program held on the first Friday of each month (October to June) at 7PM were members of the community share their expertise and experience about important issues of the day.