Conversations at the Meetinghouse


                                      Conversations at the Meetinghouse

                                               Friday, June 7, 7 P.M.

                                       Sharon Unitarian Meetinghouse

                                    4 North Main Street, Sharon MA

                                      Free and open to the public



                                        We’ve Got Rhythm

                   A musical program exploring a wide variety

                                       of rhythmic types:

      Tango, Mazurka, Viennese Waltz, Viennese March, Ragtime,

                                     and an Equine-Based Overture


                                 Composed by the following:

           Theodor Schrammel, Franz von Suppe, Frederic Chopin

                 Richard Strauss, Carlos Gardel Scott Joplin


                       Christine & David Hagan, pianists



Conversations at the Meetinghouse is a monthly program held on the first Friday of each month (October to June) at 7PM were members of the community share their expertise and experience about important issues of the day.