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There are many ways to give and you can direct your donation as you see fit.
  • Make a check out to “Unitarian Church of Sharon” and mail it to our address: 4 North Main Street, Sharon, MA 02067.

  • For those who use online banking, you can set up Unitarian Church of Sharon as a Payee. Just include the address and your bank will mail the check for you. This service is free at most banks.

For checks you write or checks mailed by your bank, use the note or memo section to direct your donation to your choice of giving destinations (e.g., General Donation, Brown env 5/4/21, Shopping for Justice, Minister’s discretionary fund, etc.).
  • Use the PayPal form below and select the target of your gift.

  • Go directly to the Organization’s website to donate directly to the suggested Brown Envelope recipient for the month.
Information for the current week’s direct donation can be found in the Order of Service https://www.uusharon.org/oos/

Suggested donation directives

To support the life of our church and its work in the world, indicate ‘General Donation‘.

BROWN ENVELOPE – To support the organization receiving Brown Envelope donations each week indicate “Brown Env + service date” in the memo section.
Example: Brown Envelope for 3/29/20 is for UU the Vote Campaign for 2020. Write: “Brown Env 3/29/20” in the memo section of the check.

SHOPPING FOR JUSTICE – To continue supporting our 5 local food pantries, we are now collecting monetary donations to purchase small denomination grocery cards which we then send to our local pantries for them to use as they best see fit – typically distributing the cards to individuals who come to the pantry and occasionally using the cards to restock their shelves. Indicate “Food pantry donation” .

MINISTER’S DISCRETIONARY FUND· Donations will be used to help out members of our church community who need some extra assistance due to lost work. Indicate “Minister’s Discretionary Fund”.

Use this Donation Form to donate using PayPal

Unitarian Church of Sharon
Donation Program
*Asterisks indicate required fields.
  • Your donation will be directed to this month's Brown Envelope offering or a Shopping for Justice Grocery card (S4JGC) donation that will be sent to a local food pantry, a General donation to UCS, or to the Minister's Discretionary Fund as you specify.
  • Please note that your donation will be subject to PayPal's 2.2% + $ .30 transaction fee. So, for example, a $20 donation is net $19.25 and a $20.75 donation nets to $20.00. For large donations, we recommend writing a check in order to avoid paying the PayPal fee. Additionally, please note that your Donations Statement generated annually for tax purposes will include your donation minus the fees. Based on the example above, your donation of $20 will show up on your donation statement as $19.25.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.