Funding for Social Justice

Shopping for Justice: We encourage everyone in our church community to purchase supermarket gift cards at church. These are used for full face value at the supermarket while the supermarket gives us 5% profit. This 5% goes entirely to relieve hunger and homelessness. We invite you to “shop for justice” by using these gift cards and also by buying goods for delivery to the local food pantry.

Fair Trade Sales: We sell Equal Exchange items: coffee, tea, chocolates and other goods. This supports the Equal Exchange fair trade network around the world, and all profits we make go directly into funding our social justice programs.

Brown Envelope (BE) Collections: Our major fundraising vehicle is our “brown envelope” collection each Sunday morning during worship services. Each month we support a social justice organization. During a Sunday service a presentation is made about the organization and its work. During the month, members and friends can contribute by placing a donation in a brown envelope during the offertory. Click here for information about some organizations we’ve supported, and see the monthly Chalice newsletter for more.