Racial Justice

Our Unitarian Universalist faith asks us to join the journey to honor the truth of human diversity and dismantle entrenched systems of white supremacy that benefit some at the expense of others. For those of us who are white, our tasks are to stop harm, to change institutions, and to heal ourselves. We are all called to imagine and build a world that we have never known, a world where all of us are free.

As members and friends of the Unitarian Church of Sharon, we are invited to get involved and stay involved in racial justice work through learning, relationship-building, action, and reflection.

To learn more, check out some of the resources we have listed here, attend an upcoming Racial Justice event listed on the calendar or on our Social Justice Updates page.  To join our Anti-Racism Program Planning Team, contact Barbara Nelkin-Rose.

Racial Justice Resources

Here is a list of vetted sources compiled by members of our social justice committee: UCS Anti-Racist Resources AUG20

We would also like to recommend a more comprehensive and extensive list
by the celebrant Danna Schmidt, who works in the Seattle area: Danna Schmidt Anti-Racism Links Resources

Books on Racism and the Black Experience in our UCS Library Collection: Resources on Racism and the Black Experience

Learn more about the 8th principle here.