Order of Service

Weekly Service
October 24, 2021

Adult Worship 10:30am

Policy on Worship Service Participation Please sign up for in-person attendance at our worship services using the following link: https://unitarianchurchofsharon.breezechms.com/form/00a7a9.  Choose either the family worship service at 10am or the adult worship service at 10:30am.  List the members of your group or family who will be with you.  If members of your group or family plan to be at both services, separate sign ups for each event are required to provide an accurate head count. 

Zoom Link for our Virtual Sanctuary.

Zoom information: Meeting ID: 945 6326 5033 Password: 3652

More Zoom information including the phone numbers can be found here

ADULT WORSHIP at 10:30am

Defiant Joy

*please rise

Music Upon Entering                         Mel Springer, Music Director

Welcome & Announcements Peter Raskin,  Worship Coordinator


Opening Words Come Into This Place

*Opening Hymn– Hymn #21 For the Beauty of the Earth led by Meg Dussualt(solo)

Chalice Lighting  A Flame to Light Our Path

*Covenant ( Spoken in Unison)

    Love is the doctrine of this church
    The quest for truth is its sacrament
    And service is its prayer.
    To dwell together in peace,
    To seek knowledge in freedom,
    To serve humanity in fellowship,
    To the end that all souls shall grow
    Into harmony with the divine:
    Thus do we covenant together.

Joys and Concerns 

Those joining virtually can type their sharing into the chat to be read by worship leader.

Wait and see, wait and see what a world there can be if we share, if we care, you and me…


The Brown Envelope for October is the Indigenous Environmental Network.   IEN was formed by grassroots Indigenous Peoples and individuals to address environmental and economic justice issues. Mail a check to church and specify “Brown E” and today’s date in the memo or use the donation page on the website as noted.

Offertory Music

Reading     Hopping Over the Surface of Life

Musical Interlude

Sermon “Defiant Joy” Rabbi Joseph B. Meszler

Prayer & Meditation

*Closing Hymn #1010: We Give Thanks

Closing Words

Extinguishing of the Chalice


If you are joining for the first time, please sign our Visitor Guest book

For information about Social Justice initiatives go to: https://www.uusharon.org/social-justice/