Coffee Directions

How to Host a Coffee Hour: (Adults: 70 to 90 – Children: 20 to 40)

Please do not bring food for adults.  Snacks and juice are provided for the children.

As the preparation time to make the coffee (30 minutes between plugging in the maker and 10 to make each urn of coffee) will take approximately an hour to set-up and an hour to clean-up, please plan accordingly, especially if you plan to attend the service.

Note: Each of the new coffee urns (on the left wall shelf above the countertop) holds 11 cups of coffee. It is advised to make at least 5 of the urns beforehand, and make others during the coffee hour.  This is possible because after the 30 minutes needed for the initial heating of the coffeemaker only ten minutes is needed to make extra coffee.  Generally 4 regular coffees and 1 or 2 decaffeinated urns are made.

General Responsibilities before coffee hour…
(…and after coffee hour):

  • Bring either a half-gallon or a quart of whole milk, a quart of half-and-half, and a pint of non-dairy creamer.  Please check the refrigerator for any of these items and use those first if possible.
  • Check dishwasher and remove all items, storing those you do not need.
  • Prepare coffee, hot water for tea, set up table with individual juice cups and snack cups for children (you may want to pour half the cups or so before the coffee hour).
  • Set up adult table with urns of coffee, creamers, tea bags, sugar, napkins, coffee cups, and spoons.
  • It is hoped that during coffee hour church members will bring their cups, dishes, etc. and place them in the dishwasher.  Leaving the dishwasher open could encourage this.
  • Tidy up vestry and kitchen, hand washing any of the items which do not go into the dishwasher.
  • Run dishwasher. Do not open dishwasher once it has started, or plan to reset it according to the directions in the black kitchen notebook. The next users of kitchen will empty dishwasher.
  • Please dry and put away all items hand-washed or used in their labeled areas. Do not leave any items on the countertops. The kitchen may be needed for use any time after the coffee hour on Sunday mornings.
  • If you have used all of any supplies in the kitchen replace them with the extras stored in the Storage Room.
  • Please find the Supplies Order Sheet in the black notebook and record the need for depleted items by checking off the appropriate box of those needed items and place the sheet in the Administrative Assistant’s mailbox.
  • Place all recycling items (rinsed if necessary) in the recycle container under the left counter.

All needed supplies should be in the labeled kitchen cabinets and if not, extra supplies for items are in the storage room across the vestry from the kitchen in labeled cabinets or on shelves or behind the door.

  • Coffee with filters and a pitcher measured for the amount of water to fill the coffeemaker are in the cabinet below the counter. If there is not enough coffee, a second plastic box can be found in the window of the storage room with extras.
  • All tea supplies are in a labeled drawer beneath the microwave.
  • Children’s snacks and juice are in the top middle cabinet on the right-hand side of the kitchen.
  • Check the refrigerator for children’s juice before opening a new one.
  • Sugar and other condiments are in the top cabinets on the left of the kitchen.
  • Coffee cups are on trays under the counter facing the vestry.
  • Cutlery is in the drawer to the right of the refrigerator.
  • Paper cups and napkins are in the labeled cabinet on the right side of the kitchen.
  • Dishwasher powder is in the cabinet below the small sink.
  • Extra trash bags are in on the bottom shelf of the coffee cabinet or behind the door in storage.

There would be a “Please” and “Thank You” on every line if room allowed. Please say “Thank You” to Coffee Hosts!