Flowers or Visual Focus

The purpose of flowers is to enhance the worship experience.  “Flowers” can include other plant forms, such as leaves, berries, and twigs, or might take the form of silk, dried arrangements, or potted plants.  A non-floral visual focus, such as sculpture or other appropriate art or artifact, is also welcome.

Flowers might be arranged on a special date in memory of a loved one, or in honor of a special anniversary or event.  This can be noted in the order of service if you call or email the Administrative Assistant by the previous Thursday morning.

The arrangement should be placed on the table near the podium and ideally will be visible from the rear of the sanctuary.  Flowers should be in place before the 10:00 a.m. start of the service.

We ask that you don’t put flowers or other objects on the piano, as this can cause physical damage and affect the instrument’s sound.