Greeter Instructions (Revised 3/19/23)

UU of Sharon Greeters!

As a greeter, you are the friendly face of the congregation and extend an invitation to all who would like to join us, therefore being friendly and welcoming is most important.


BEFORE and DURING Service:

  • Please arrive fifteen (15) minutes before the start of Family Service.
  • Before each service, make sure brown envelopes and music books are distributed in pews.
  • Please make sure collection baskets are placed on the bench near the front.
  • Recruit someone to ring the Paul Revere bell at 9:55 and 10:25
  • Greet people as they enter the sanctuary for each service.
    • Hand out OOS
    • Offer assistance with locating Large Print Hymnals and Hearing Assistant Aides (on Bench)
  • Count the number of people attending each service and record in the large attendance book located on the bench. Identify adults and children separately.
  • OFFERTORY: two (2) people (someone is always on the ready to assist)

After the service:

  • Collect the offering baskets
  • Take the baskets to the church office to count the money and checks. (Form is with pouch)
  • Worship Coordinator will be the second person to count the money.  
  • Bring money pouch downstairs to the Social Justice table.
  • IMPORTANT: Please check the sanctuary to straighten the pews, pick up and recycle orders of service, and redistribute the brown envelopes and music books.