Learning From Survivors

Preacher: Reverend Jolie Olivetti | In our worship service today, we will hear the words of survivors of intimate partner abuse. We will also reflect on the insights of theologians Dr. Delores Williams, Rev. Rebecca Parker, and Dr. Rita Nakashima-Brock. How do we make meaning in the aftermath of violence? Rev. Jolie preaching.
The opening words this morning are by Rev. Gretchen Haley.

The reading is an excerpt from “Hunger” by Roxane Gay.


The lyrics for the singing meditation are:

Voice still and small, deep inside all, I hear you call, singing.

In storm and rain, sorrow and pain, still we’ll remain singing.

Calming my fears, quenching my tears, through all the years, singing.


The closing words are by May Sarton.