The Work of the Syrian American Medical Society

Preacher: Ala’a Elshar, Dr. Abdulfatah Elshaar, Reverend Jim Robinson

This service will take the sadness, horror, and anger we may feel about Aleppo, the Syrian Civil War, and the millions of displaced refugees and turn it into concrete action. The service will be led by two members of the Syrian-American Medical Association, Dr. Abdulfatah Elshaar and his daughter Ala’a Elshaar, who have worked in the refugee camps in the Middle East.

Two pieces of Syrian music are a part of the presentation. The first piece, “Sami Hajazkar Kurd,” composed by Nadim Darwish of Aleppo will be palyed between Jim’s introduction and the start of Ala’a Elshaar’s talk and “Touta” composed by Farid Al-Atrash of Syria will be played at the conclusion of the presentations. Both pieces are performed by Kareem Roustom playing the Oud and by Jamal Sinno playing the Qanun.