Caring Committee

June 2011

MISSION STATEMENT The Caring Committee works closely with the minister to provide thoughtful attention and assistance to our members and friends with the understanding that any of us can be in need of support at some time in our lives. Concerns shared with the minister are confidential. Confidentiality continues if the minister asks the committee to help a member or friend. At times, the help provided flows from our caring congregation through rides, visits, phone calls, and meals.

 COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIP Rev. Jim Robinson is an ex-officio member of the committee along with 6 volunteer church members. The size of the committee is flexible. The committee may accept new volunteers, and from time to time invites individuals to join. The 2011 members are: Melissa Mills, Louise Chereski (chair), Pat McDougal, Joyce Bramhall, Mary Nelson, Lucy Bailey, and our newest member, Lynn Mortimer.

MEETING TIMES The committee meets the third Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the minister’s office. The meeting is closed. The committee communicates by phone and meets online via email between meetings as necessary. Check the church calendar for the next meeting time and contact the minister or a committee member before the next meeting with concerns.

CURRENT WORK One seasonal event has been established in the Memory Meal held at the new year in the vestry to share food and stories about family and friends no longer with us. The committee maintains an ongoing volunteers list of church contacts who will provide help on an as needed basis for cooking, driving, visiting, phone calling, etc. Supporting the minister and “being available” to help with congregational needs are the committee’s primary work.

NEWS Concerns are shared occasionally by the minister using church-wide email. The minister’s “Among Us” section of The Chalice shares individual concerns. Committee news is posted in The Chalice and deals with planned events, changes in membership, and other general news.

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