Preacher: Mia Joiner-Moore

  • That To Which I Give My Heart

    Preacher: Joe Rappaport, Mia Joiner-Moore, Nathan Spencer, Reverend Jolie Olivetti | Our Unitarian Universalist Association writes, “the concept of ‘credo,’ usually thought of as a statement of individual belief, can […]

  • Rainbow Sunday – 2019

    Preacher: Mia Joiner-Moore, Reverend Wendy Bell | This Sunday is our annual celebration of diversity and love. Mia Joiner-Moore and Reverend Wendy Bell will lead the service and share their […]

  • Practice Turning People Into Trees and TransLawMA

    Preacher: Linda Fingerson, Mia Joiner-Moore In this two part sharing in recognition of Rainbow Sunday, Mia Joiner-Moore will share a talk entitled “Turning People Into Trees” and Linda Fingerson will […]

  • Voting Grounded in our UU Principles

    Preacher: Ellen Davey-Fleming, Mia Joiner-Moore, Sue Mooney We will not discuss specific candidates! We will remind ourselves of the justice values that all UUs try to live by and make decisions by. […]

  • Sharing from Rainbow Sunday – Part 4

    Preacher: Mia Joiner-Moore Part 4 of 4 shared by Mia Joiner-Moore of our annual celebration of diversity and love will be led by our LGBTQ task force. We will focus […]