Practice Turning People Into Trees and TransLawMA

Preacher: Linda Fingerson, Mia Joiner-Moore

In this two part sharing in recognition of Rainbow Sunday, Mia Joiner-Moore will share a talk entitled “Turning People Into Trees” and Linda Fingerson will talk about #TransLawMA. Mia will share how she turns people into trees. Every tree is different from every other tree and we accept that reality without question or insisting on changing that. Why don’t we see people in the same way?

In 2016, the Massachusetts state legislature passed a law protecting transgender people from discrimination that became effective on October 1 that year. Later that year, opponents of transgender rights collected enough signatures to place a question on the 20187 general election ballot that requires a vote of Massachusetts residents to affirm the transgender rights law already in place. Linda will share information and experiences underscoring the importance of protecting transgender people from discrimination.