Expect To Connect

September 15, 2019
Have you ever arrived in a new place, begun a new project, or been introduced to a new person and felt impatient for great things to start happening right away?…

August 4, 2019

Who Am I?

July 21, 2019
Today’s talk, titled “Who Am I?” is presented by Barbara Nelkin-Rose in which she addresses 3 main questions:  1) Who am I?   2) What is my Essence?   3) Who am…

The Color of My Face

July 7, 2019
Today Kate Barber is presenting the sermon entitled "The Color of My Face." Unfortunately, the sound level for this recording is very low because the podium mic was turned down.
This morning is the second service of the summer where members of the congregation present their thoughts on the purpose of living their lives. Today's service is presented by Meg…


June 23, 2019
Today begins the summer service program led by members of our congregation. The topic this morning is "purpose." Jean Fox speaks on "Defining One's Purpose" while Mare Parker-O'Toole talks to…
This Sunday is our annual celebration of diversity and love. Mia Joiner-Moore and Reverend Wendy Bell will lead the service and share their journeys that led to them becoming Unitarian…