Preacher: Reverend Jolie Olivetti

  • Blue Christmas

    Today’s service will make some space for the sadness we may feel during the holidays. We will reflect together on how we manage when we or our friends are suffering. […]

  • Pause and Breathe

    This has been quite a week in the life our congregation. Rev. Jolie will lead our service today which will respond to this moment in our hearts, in our congregation, […]

  • Service is Our Prayer

    Each week we say “service is our prayer” as part of the words of our covenant. Today, we will delve deeper into what that means, both in terms of what […]

  • Holding On to Our Humanity

    This week we have watched with fear and grief as the war in Israel and Palestine escalates. How do we hold onto our humanity, and the humanity of all those […]

  • The Humanist and the Evangelist

    Today’s sermon will offer snapshots of our Unitarian and Universalist histories with stories from the lives of two very different ministers. One is Quillen Shinn, the 19th-century Universalist circuit rider […]

  • Perfectly Imperfect

    Today Yom Kippur begins, the holiest days in the Jewish calendar, a time for atonement and reconciliation. Atonement and forgiveness are related but not the same thing, and one does […]

  • The Beginning Is Near!

    If reading or watching the news these days makes you feel overwhelmed, you are not alone. Today’s service will be a meditation on the relationship between human agency and hope, […]