Letting Go of the Plan

October 15, 2017
With help from some wisdom from the Taoist tradition, we reflect on the importance of being flexible and learning to adapt to conditions as we continue our voyage of discovery.

Noticing The Beautiful

October 8, 2017
As our Jewish friends and neighbors are mid-way through their celebration of the Festival of Sukkot, we reflect on the survival value of appreciating that which is beautiful. Opening words…

The Call To Adventure

October 1, 2017
We reflect on the Interim Time as a journey, and on the courage it takes to venture out from the comfortable into the unknown.

Why Not Jump In

September 24, 2017
This morning we explore the themes of the Jewish High Holy Days. We will also reflect on why we sometimes hesitate to make promises. Why do we sometimes feel ambivalent…

To Trust Enough

September 17, 2017
Sometimes when we are feeling vulnerable, afraid, or anxious at the beginning of a new adventure, we can feel tempted to hide or take cover to protect ourselves. How do…
Today’s recording begins with Jim Robinson's dedication of the interlude (Maurice Ravel’s “Pavane” played by Mel Springer) to the people who regularly attended Sunday evening services at Rosslyn Hill Unitarian…
This service is the first of two that address the retirement and departure of our minister, Reverend Jim Robinson. The sermon today is presented in two sharing segments that focus…
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